The Big Bear™ Trim Coil Dispenser

The Big Bear™ Aluminum Trim Coil Dispenser - Professional Engineering Company

The Coil Accessory that Pays for Itself Over and Over Again!

You know the drill: as soon as you cut the thin piece of tape that is wrapped around the aluminum trim coil when you receive it – it becomes a constant effort to prevent the coil from unraveling, potentially causing damage to the coil, making it unusable. To make thing more difficult, the end of the aluminum trim coil on the outside of the roll is sharp and will easily cut a person if not careful.

There is a better way to reduce damage, cut waste and make your job safer and more efficient!

The Big Bear ™ Aluminum Trim Coil Dispenser takes the taped aluminum coil directly of the shipping box, secures it with the two adjustable-tension bungee cords, then the shipping tape can be cut so that the coil stays secure at all times. The Big Bear tm dispenser can even be clamped to your work table and if you are working on the grass a screw driver can be staked into the ground to hold it in place. No mess, no hassle, no issues!

As compared to other products on the market that may dispense coil, few do so without having the coil unravel in the dispenser and even fewer allow the coil to remain in the dispenser for safe storage. With Big Bear™, when the day is done and you have extra coil stock left over, it can easily be wound backwards protecting the sharp cut off end from damage and making it safer. For further protection when storing, the Big Bear with the coil still attached, can be placed back into the coils shipping box.

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The Big Bear™ trim coil dispenser, prevents trim coil stock from unraveling. To install the coil onto the dispenser just take the coil out of its box and secure it with the bungee cords. The tension on the cords can be adjusted as needed. Tightening the bungee cords.

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Metal coil and tool before it is installed Cutting metal coil with the tool Dispense material without worrying about coil unraveling

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