The Armadillo™ Flashing Dispenser

The Armadillo™ Aluminum Flashing Dispenser

Control the Damage!

We know that when you receive packaged flashing, the coils of metal are wound under tension and secured only by shipping tape – when you cut that tape, coils unwind and become unmanageable, prone to damage and marring, and definitely unsafe on a job site.

Imagine being able to dispense flashing easily – without unravelling and without damage and without waste!

The Armadillo™ is designed specifically to dispense smaller flashing, keeping the sharp end of the coil stored beneath the cover to keep safe and your coil protected. The handle and cutting edge make it easy to work with coil stock on the job.

Other products on the market are designed for larger coils – covering the smaller flashing completely and impeding the ease of flow while still unravelling within the cover. The Armadillo™ is the only product that stops smaller coils from unravelling and allows flashing to be dispensed without securing each time.

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The Big Bear™ trim coil dispenser, prevents trim coil stock from unraveling. To install the coil onto the dispenser just take the coil out of its box and secure it with the bungee cords. The tension on the cords can be adjusted as needed. Tightening the bungee cords.

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Metal coil and tool before it is installed Cutting metal coil with the tool Dispense material without worrying about coil unraveling

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